Favorite Studio Ghibli Quotes

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Yaoi feels 


Yaoi feels 

Get To Know Me // [1/5] Pairings
∟ N & Hilda (Pokemon)


30day CLAMP challenge ♦ day 7 ♦ Favorite het couple (1/2) → Syaoran x Sakura / C!Syaoran x C!Sakura / Tsubasa x Tsubasa.

I understand my feelings ! The one I love most is you, Syaoran-kun!

Through their own power… they turned back time… left their children behind… and each… sacrificed their ability to touch the one they love the most…to do anything but simply to wait that was their price for the sake of those.. whom they love.

I refuse to let Sakura die ! I made a promise…to protect her !

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Togami is a very serious character.


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